Winter Wear Revitalised – Quick tips to upgrade your winter wear

Winter wear revitalised – Do not let your final days of winter wear be beyond boredom.

So, we are well into the cold season, the chill is in and is quickly on its’ way out.

Layering it up to beat the weathery winter is definitely a way to go however keeping warm fashionably can sometimes along the way drain you out and make you feel like you are running out of options.

Winter Wear Revitalised

With just a few more days to go until winter is over , here is my go to quick fixes to end winter on trend.

Colour your Winter beautiful

I am totally loving the way colour has broken all fashion rules and moved it to another level.

So, why not grab that colour help to up your style quotient.

Let Red Rule – It could be anything, a bag, a neck piece or a blood red blazer, Choose RED. This is a colour of energy and vibrance which will be sure to bring excitement to your look.

Next, use bag straps as your escape to make your outfit pop. Choose beaded, stoned, embellished or flashy patent neons to project your colour personality. Keep these interchangeable bag straps always at hand and you will be sure to never be close to bag boredom.

Wearing Button down coats and Jackets? Swap those and choose a belted one instead. This way you have more options of layering underneath with vibrant colours that peep out making it more noticeable.
Another option can be to swapping the belt for a brightly coloured one and making that the focal point of the jacket, whatever you choose you are sure to be far from dreary.


It’s all in the Details

Whether you are going with pin stripe or polka dot leggings or maybe pants with pretty pocket details, make sure to opt for clothing items with details and definition. This is what can make your look stylishly unique by projecting a bit of your personality.


Swap fabrics around

Don’t just stick to denim. Play around and keep things fun and edgy by choosing from a mix of leather and suede or different textured wools to uplift a dull outfit.


Most of all, Finish your winter…Fabulous!


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