Wear Sunscreen – Get Sun Safe NOW

Wear sunscreen

Bright hot days or dreary dull days, there is NEVER a day off from sunscreen.

No excuses ladies, taking care of yourself includes lathering up on a good sun protector.


Hey there Fabulous…

Wear sunscreen

A reminder to always wear sunscreen is actually an understatement but I am going to do it anyways as a lot of us just do not take this seriously enough.

Let me also state that leaving this critical step out of your skin care routine could play a big

hand in those wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Not to forget, risk of SKIN CANCER!

I am sure I got your attention now.


So then, lets’ break this down and simplify things.


SPF is your BFF

Yes, it is your Best Friend Forever. Try to always go for a Sun Protection Factor higher than 30.

This means that it will protect you 30 times longer than if you did not use any sunscreen at all.

Remember no matter how high the SPF, you should always limit unnecessary sun exposure.

Please do not rely on the SPF in your makeup because if you wear just a pea size amount of foundation or if your makeup wears off by the end of the day then you will be left stranded without any sun protection.

Always wear a wide brim hat and sunglasses for added protection.

Red Alert

If you are one who struggles with sensitive skin, breakouts or red blotchy episodes then you really need to NEVER be without sunscreen. Most of us think we should avoid it as we believe that it will just aggravate our skin further. This is not true.

Sensitive skin is usually very fine layered and delicate causing it to burn super fast. So it makes sense to always protect your skin liberally with sunscreen and protective clothing. Opt for suncreens that are fragrance and allergens free. This can be tricky so I suggest that you speak to your dermatologist so that he/she can recommend a sunscreen best suited to your sensitivity.


Read the labels

Choose a sunscreen that provides you with all round maximum benefits. High branded names do not necessarily mean you are getting the best . Be in the know by looking at the back of the product for those fine print ingredient list. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are two ingredients that you should always have on your checklist for  your sunscreen. These micro particles create a thin protective film on your skin pushing away the damaging rays of the sun.


Re-apply Rule

Another very important aspect is to apply your sunscreen atleast 20 minutes before sun exposure and then to re – apply your sunscreen every 2hours thereafter.

This is imperative because your skin actually uses up the active formula in your sunscreen within that time frame. So re-application is a must.


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Mumtaz Khan


  1. Ooh! Im guilty as charged! ? Point taken and noted with thanks.
    Thank you for my sample product…very thoughtful of you.

  2. Sound advise Mumtaz! I am sensitive to sunlight, winter and summer and SPF is my BFF:)
    Thanks for the reminder, mwah

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