Transform your skin – Healthy skincare detox

Transform your skin

But this time, WITHOUT skincare products…

So, you follow a religious skincare routine and use the best of products but still feel that your skin health is not up to scratch.

Well, you could be blundering the basics!

Make the change today…


Transform your skin

These are easy effective solutions, you just need to pay attention and get the technique and timing right…


Most of you know by now that even though I have far from perfect skin I am continuously

striving to achieve skin that is balanced and healthy.

These are my skincare savers.


What should your FACE focus be?


Be Shower smart

Make sure when taking a shower to wash your face last after you are done with

rinsing off your shampoo and conditioning treatments.

This prevents those hair products sitting on your skin and causing any unnecessary chemical reactions.

Remember ingredients used in hair care products are majority of the time not made for your delicate face.


Use the – If it’s not washed, it’s wasted technique

Wash your makeup brushes regularly.

This not only gets rid of old makeup, it also removes dirt, grime, oil and even

dead skin that clog up your pores with germs that result in breakouts.

Also, unwashed makeup brushes can change the colour of your makeup shade drastically.

This built up old hard makeup creates uneven makeup application and dull dreary skin.


Pillow case, PLEASE

Never put off having your pillow cases washed.

Skip this and instead of beauty sleep you are going to ‘enjoy’ blemish skin.

Your pillow case gets drenched with bacteria, sweat, oil and product build up from your skin and hair.

Make sure that you have your pillow cases laundered atleast once a week to banish breakouts.


Dab, NOT Drag

The consistent routine of rubbing your face dry with your towel after every wash

strips your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and irritated.

This method also stretches your skin making it lose elasticity and suppleness.

To prevent your face from ‘falling faster’ get rid of this sagging skin habit and

and opt for dabbing your face dry.


Train for Gain

Attention all you gym bunnies. Regular workouts are great however, don’t

forget to cleanse prior to your training session.

Yes, you heard right. Remove all traces of your makeup before you get your blood circulation going.

Our skin needs to breathe while we are working up a sweat because toxins are being released from our body. You will just be offsetting this skin benefit with makeup on as the bacteria and toxins are trapped under your makeup layer and restricted from being eliminated. This process in the long run clogs up your pores creating flare ups, ugly blackheads, and dull uneven skin tone and texture.

If you still cannot resist going ‘bare faced’ do what I do. Opt for light BB creams or tinted moisturisers

instead of heavy oil based foundations.


Mumtaz Khan


  1. Great, easy tips Mumtaz! In our rushed routines we forget the simple stuff? Thanks for the reminder??

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