Slip into Spring – Your Spring trends made exciting

Slip into Spring

Out of the Cold and in with the Bold, your Spring trends made exciting…

Hey there Fabulous!

Slip into Spring

Yess, it is finally here, the powerful burst of beauty and grace.

No wonder Spring is called the queen of seasons.

I don’t know about you but I am one of those who love dressing according to my mood

and Spring allows me to do just that!

I love it because it is neither hot nor cold. The temperatures are some what balanced

so that I can ‘play’ with different textures and still be comfortable.


So, here goes my take on Spring trends 2016


Slip into spring being fabulously YOU!

Firstly, get the mix right.

You can drastically change your outfit just by mixing the right patterns and prints.

Choose bold colours, play up florals and geometrics but most of all try and get the mix right

that will work for your body frame. Maxi dresses with soft flowy feminine

textures are a good option to work with. Look at this gorgeous maxi dress

Use the lingerie layering technique

Ok, so the Slip dress is a huge trend this season. It is absolutely versatile

and can be worn so many ways.

Wear it alone, just give it a bit of your personal touch by pairing it with a

statement piece jewellery like a chunky metallic bracelet or an

embellished vibrant neck piece.

Otherwise, Slip it on under a slim fit leather jacket for a more casual night out look

or tuck it into your jeans with a structured jacket over to feel more dressed up.

Whatever you choose you are sure to be left with limitless options to dress up or

dress down the slip dress.

My favourite is the lingerie layering technique that can give this simple dress

a boost in the elegance department.

No ladies, I am not asking you to layer your lingerie:::)))

I am just trying to point out to you that you can very cleverly layer a shirt or a

blouse under your slip dress BUT make sure to choose shirt/blouse textures

that are soft, delicate, slim fit and very light. You want to create an effect of an

airy spring feel, if you get the fabric wrong you could end up

looking heavy and frumpy. Look at this pretty slip dress

Ooh, look at this, I really love this stunning maxi dress

Lets’ Spring it on

Orange and Blue, make it the colours for YOU.

These 2 colours are springs’ perfect colour combo.

Really, this is just so fun. Use your imagination and get creative.

It could be anything a funky saddle handbag, a dress or even pretty detailed sandals.


I thought I would give this trend a twist and capture it on my Eid morning

by wearing a burnt orange and blue scarf…


slip into spring


Happy reading…

Mumtaz Kisses






Mumtaz Khan


  1. I just love it, Mumtaz! You look stunning? Happy colors make you feel good and look good???

  2. Any colour will look great on you my dear … But i certainly dig orange and blue.
    You are so beautiful inside and out ❤❤

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