Plump your pout instantly…

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Want Fuller lips?

These are simple, effective and intelligent ways to bring back

the plump to your pout instantly…without breaking the bank!

Firstly, slough off those dead flakes by exfoliating regularly using a fresh

warm face cloth


Next, opt for lighter shades of lipsticks. Use the “Black has a slimming effect” rule

Just as dark colours make you look slimmer so too darker shades of lipsticks will

make your lips look smaller


Lastly, use a hint of lipgloss over your lipstick

That little shine reflects light adding volume to your lips



Mumtaz Khan


  1. Never really thought about dark lipsticks making your lips smaller but that makes perfect sense, love the idea of lip gloss thanks Mumtaz for your lovely blog and all your ideas is most certainly interesting

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