Nude Lipsticks, No need to look pale and ashy

Nude lipsticks

Ladies, lets’ first understand, when I say nude lipsticks I am NOT talking about a clear lip gloss look.

Wearing a nude lip means wearing a lipstick that has a hint of colour closest to your tone but looks very natural and understated.


Hey there Fabulous…

Nude Lipsticks

I love a bright lip, however there are days when I feel like a change and choose to take attention away from my lips so that I can play up other features of my face without looking over the top.

Nude lipsticks are a great option to looking natural yet still flawless provided you know what you are doing.

This can be very tricky as you need to remember that the end result must always

be a fresh, awake, vibrant face and not pale and washed out.


I am going to be very honest, I really struggled with getting this right and it took me

a lot of trial and error before I figured it out for myself.


So, these are my tips on achieving the perfect nude lips…


Nude made smooth

Nude lipsticks will highlight every dead flake on your lips, so as usual you have to

prep them properly before application.

Buff and slough off any chapped skin with a good lip scrub. Always top up with a good

lip balm to lock in moisture. This acts as a conditioner so that your lipstick glides

on smooth and holds on better.



If there is one factor that I have always overlooked , then it is my lip tone.

My biggest mistake was focusing solely on my skin undertone.

This is correct however your lip colour is just as important.


You cannot get this wrong. There are only two categories for you to fall into.

All you need to do is decide if you are a beigy warm lip tone or a soft pink cool tone.

Stay away from anything grey or ashy. It can really make you look pasty and spooky.

Rule of thumb – Never choose a shade lighter than the natural colour of your lips.


Creamy is dreamy

The texture of the nude you choose can make all the difference to the overall finish.

Opt for a creamy texture and you will always be on point. Going for a matt finish

can be hard on your face and make you look older than you actually are.

If you are really stuck with a gorgeous matt nude texture,

simply finish off with a hint of gloss to create a youthful, soft look.


Create Drama

Whether it is a beautiful Blush or dramatic eyes,  give priority and place emphasis

on other features. Pairing your your nude lip with accentuated cheekbones or a smokey eye

looks effortlessly gorgeous. It adds a splash of colour, balances out your face

and gives it a healthy luminous finish.


Happy reading…

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Mumtaz Khan


  1. Thanks for this Mumtaz…im always having problem with choosing the right colour because i never took my lip tone into consideration. Yay! I now am a Lip Smart.

  2. Mumtaz, I gotta try this nude lipstick! I have been wearing matt lipstick all my life and now its
    just not working for me anymore, it actually making me look urggh. hahaha.
    Thanks for the tips, really just what I needed. 🙂

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