No Makeup look – let your natural beauty shine through

No Makeup look

The trend is high where everyone is rushing off to buy makeup products that creates a no makeup look highlighting

a natural but still flawless canvas.

And I am no different as we all love a glowing fresh face.


Hey there Fabulous…

No Makeup look

So, don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that the beauty industry throws out these gorgeous products that makes our skin look and feel dreamy and airbrushed.

However, I am one of those who likes a no fuss easy natural makeup routine on most days

and then go the whole full face makeup for those special days.

Achieving this no makeup look entails presenting yourself as well groomed and put together

with the least amount of time, effort and products.

So ladies, lets’get this right because a hasty shortcut could go terribly wrong and you could

end up looking sleepy, tired and washed out.


First of all…Strive for the rule,


Wake up Gorgeous…Well, atleast we can try!:)))

My personal obsession with skincare tells me that products are only effective

at its’ maximum potential if applied to prepped and well cared skin.

So, achieving a successful no makeup look on a daily basis is

more consistent skincare than anything else.

Cleanse Makes Sense

Make sure to remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed.

I have heard this a million times but for most of us this is so easily said than done.

Remember, the best time for our skin to repair and regenerate is at night

so why hinder the process intentionally.

If you are too tired and really pinched for time after a long day, keep your cleansing wipes at

your bedside and give your face a quick cleanse.  It is definitely better than doing nothing at all.

The continuous neglect of not cleansing your skin results in clogged pores and dull skin.

So please, save your skin unnecessary wrinkles, accelerated aging and a big bill for cover up products.



Try and buff your skin of old dead cells atleast once a week. Doing this on a regular basis

renews your skin and allows your products to glide on effortlessly

preventing you from wearing a ton of makeup. Don’t forget to do a lip scrub

to complete the process to luminous skin.


Freckle fusion

Skip heavy foundations on a daily basis and

opt for BB creams or tinted moisturisers that’s best suited for your skin type.

The light texture allows your skin to breathe while still providing coverage.

If you have freckles, the sheer application allows it to peep through capturing

and enhancing your natural beauty. Remember, these little details makes you, YOU.

So don’t hide them, enhance them!


Frame your face

Well groomed eyebrows defines your face shape.

Keep them neat by brushing them in place.

Ladies, no need for any fancy brushes, an old mascara brush can do the trick.


Curl curl curl

Skip mascara for the day and go for an eyelash curler instead.

This helps create an opened eye effect so that you do not look drained and short of a good nights’sleep.

Another great benefit is that you can go without over doing those multiple coats of mascara.


Blush for flush

If I had to use one makeup item to enhance a natural glow then that would be blush.

A soft sweep of the right tone can add a youthful radiance to your face.

My favourites are from the MAC range as they have a variety of shades and textures.


Thank you Stephanie Ive from MAC Gateway, she says MAC blushes are

brilliant because they go on smooth and last longer on the skin.


Go ahead and try it!



Happy reading…






Mumtaz Khan


  1. Hi Mumtaz
    Thank you for this … i am not a make up person but im all about the natural look …i have tried getting a foundation but could never ever get the right colour for my skin … currently im going thru menopause and my skin is really taking a beating … any advise on that
    Thanks for all your professional advise

    Much love and hugs

    • Hey there Rennie. I prefer the MAC range when it comes to foundations as it caters for a wide range of different cover.
      Please feel free to pop in so that I can do a makeup analysis for you just to determine your issue areas before you go out and purchase unnecessary products.
      Also, do not hesitate to ask if you need my assistance when shopping at the MAC counter for your correct shade/tone and foundation type. I will gladly do that for you. loads of love and hugs back to you.

  2. I love the natural less is more look since im not really a make up person … i would love to try the BB creams though…What would you recommend?
    Thank you for keeping us up to speed with your beauty tips and lastest fashion trends.
    I feel so with it and upbeat.
    You are such a inspiration to us all ❤❤

    • Thank you Rennie. love receiving feedback. I always opt for organic and natural products first, so when it comes to BB creams I really enjoy the Clarins range as it is infused with organic kiwi extracts which has added skin benefits together with cover.

  3. This is really great info, I have freckles and I love them! I don’t really like wearing foundation so I also try to have my make as subtle as I can. So it’s really important to take care of my skin, thanks for the great tips Mumtaz? I have bought a few mac products you suggested and I’m loving it?

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