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I must admit, i am one of those who do not have the best of skin so i am always looking for simple yet effective ways to improve and keep my skin healthy and clean.

My latest gadget is called a blackhead remover also known as a comedone extractor. This tool is a very simply designed tool with great benefits like unplugging dirt and grime that cause blackheads / whiteheads and also assisting in removing stubborn lodged blackheads.

Since this is such an amazing affordable solution to your daily beauty regimen, I decided that i have to share and discuss with you guys because if used incorrectly it can really mess up your skin by causing permanent scarring.

You should start off by cleansing your skin with warm water or even a soaked facecloth. This enables your pores to open up allowing the gunk to be dislodged with ease.
The tool usually has spoon like ends on either sides. The sizes of each end varies including an angled end to reach difficult areas and different sizes of blackheads.
Once your skin is adequately cleansed and warmed, place the required end over the blackhead and apply very gentle pressure to release the trapped sebum and dirt. Please remember to never push too hard on difficult areas. If it does not remove easily with gentle pressure rather leave it alone instead of damaging your skin cells. Once the blackhead has been removed, you have to cleanse your skin again to prevent your pores from being infected.
This gadget is very easy to clean. Just a quick wash in hot soapy water leaves it bacteria free and disinfected.

Please feel free to let me know if this has helped and if you have any good quick fixes to share.


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Mumtaz Khan


  1. Woow this is so useful especially to a woman like me who usually don’t wear make-up. I always want to be flawless naturally but my whiteheads and blackheads always make one feel uncomfortable.

    Thanks for sharing. I definitely need to get this tool

  2. OMG this really works. I used it just yesterday and the result are amazing.
    Whiteheads on my chin comes out easily.

    Thank you so much I feel fresh

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