Makeup Brushes, Lets’ choose and refuse wisely

Makeup brushes

The right cosmetic tools can really change the way your makeup looks .

It can result in a flawless finish face or a streaky patchy look. My personal put off is the amount of oil and bacteria we transfer unknowingly onto our face just by using our fingers.



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Makeup Brushes

Yes, I am so guilty of this. We place emphasis on purchasing the best of products for our skin but we fall short on the tools we use to apply these products. There were times when I chopped and changed my products, blaming the product for a bad finish. If only I knew better. I regret those days, not forgetting the time, effort and most of all money I have spent!

I now like to call my makeup brushes, skincare tools. This is simply because continous use of a

bad quality brush can really be harsh on our delicate skin yet the right one can create magic.

If you are struggling to get your makeup to look flawless and airbrushed, stop and

look at your makeup brushes, they could be the culprit.



So Ladies, Lets’ choose and refuse wisely.




Get Best Bristles

These little fibres play a huge role when selecting your brushes.

You just need to decide on the type of product you want to use it with.

Choose natural bristles for powders and dense pigment products. They have a soft, light, downy feel

and clings on to the pigments allowing your product to glide on smoothly.

For all liquid based products look for synthethic bristles.

These work well because they do not absorb too much of the product so you also don’t get much product wastage.

My personal preference is to stick to synthetic brushes.


Do a Brush Build

The number of makeup brushes needed can really get overwhelming. This sometimes can be so daunting that it forces you to stick to using your fingers to apply your makeup.  I know, I was so there once as there are just too many factors to consider.

I now like to keep things simple and experiment a bit.  My method is to invest in just a few good quality ones initially and thereafter slowly build up based on my makeup needs.

I am not going to lie, the price of makeup brushes can cause a dent in your pocket. However, my advice is to invest in quality cosmetic tools upfront. It will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses and inconvenience in the long run.



Jam Packed Perfection

A brush that is close and tightly compacted will always give you a more

solid definite application than a brush that is fine and feathery.

Remember, when choosing your brushes you need to look at your personal skin needs. If you are struggling with bad skin days, your best bet will be to hold onto dense makeup brushes. I promise, you will thank me as you will be getting a more seamless, better coverage effect.




Clean up before you brush up

To get the best out of your brushes, you need to really

make sure they are free from bacteria and product pile up.

The best of brushes can really be ineffective if you shortcut this process.

Ladies, no fancy cleaning aids needed.  Just swish it around in warm soapy water or baby shampoo.

Shakes off excess water and lie them flat to dry. Job done!



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Mumtaz Khan

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