Jeans Cuts Curves

Jeans Cuts Curves

We all know too well how difficult it is finding that perfect pair of Jeans.

Then we have the additional drama of it either “holding” in all the wrong places and falling apart where it should not.

Seriously, shopping for jeans can be the height of frustration!


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Jeans Cuts Curves

Jeans are such versatile pieces and can be a staple for most of us.

So, thankfully stores these days have a much bigger range to select from for us curvy girls.

However, the task of getting the best fit can still be immensely daunting.


Here are a few Key points to look out for to make things simpler.

  • Stay true to your personal preference and style.
  • Try them on as many times as possible even if it means walking through the store with 20 pairs in your hand.
  • Use the size as a guideline and not as a definite number that you have to fit into – Remember comfort is crucial.
  • Always look at the back rise of the Jeans because we all want our bums covered comfortably. This can be measured from the back top of the waistband straight down to the crotch.
  • Choosing the rise of your jeans carefully can be a smart move to hide belly fat and the oh so “muffin tops” we face.
  • Always check the label for the fibres used. We like a good fitting and the stretch helps the “hug” however if it has a very high % of stretch fibre it is going to cause the jeans to lose shape and sag much faster.


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