Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow

Curvy women… some of us love our curves whilst some us have just a bit too much of it. I should know as I am one of them:)

Well, whatever it is, we should all just embrace it!


Hey there Fabulous…

Go with the flow

Being a curvy woman can sometimes make clothing choices quite difficult.

We don’t want to hide our curves but we also don’t want to emphasize the wrong areas.

For me, my hips have always been my “focus area”

For you it could be coming out of pregnancy or overindulging just a bit too much.


If you are someone just looking for a smart “tummy tuck” then these are my two strategies…

Flow with it

Here, fabric is your friend!

Always choose clothing with a fabric that has a drape and flow to it.

Structured or clingy fabrics do not flow easily and tend to accentuate

areas we don’t need any more of.

Apart from that, clothing “hugging” you in the wrong areas could make

you look more bulky and boxy than you actually are.

The right drape of fabric will “catch your curves” in the right places and

create balance to your body shape.


Printed Pretty

This is one I always go back to when I see no other option.

Pick clothing pieces with prints on it. It distracts the eye and takes

away the attention from areas you don’t actually want to highlight.

It is simple but very effective.


Choose from my favorites

Go with the flowClick on these Pretty in Pastel Skirts


Click on these Evening Dresses


Click on this Black Pocket Dress


Click on this Woolies Printed Top



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Mumtaz Khanjeans cuts and curves


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