Frizz Free Healthy Hair – Your Hairdryer days made simple

Frizz free healthy hair

I recently went into panic mode when my hairdryer gave up on

me in the midst of me drying my hair.

I always have a backup one kept for days like these but this time around I did not have the slightest clue where I had ‘safely’ packed it as I recently moved house.

This episode lead to a frantic shopping spree over the next few days

as I was in search for my new perfect hairdryer.


Frizz free healthy hair

Surprisingly, this experience was quite stressful as I learnt that healthy hair has

a lot to do with your choice of hairdryer.

If you are someone that have regular visits to your salon, taking care of

your tresses with treatments and trims, yet still feel like the texture of your hair needs help

then a good idea would be to stop and look at the type of hairdryer you use.



What should you look out for?

The options and technical terms were quite overwhelming, to say the least.

I stood at store hairdryer departments for many hours trying to figure out

all of these mind boggling terms, uses and benefits.

I am going to be honest, it took me a while to puts things in perspective and choose the

hairdryer best suited for me.

Wattage works wonders

Opt for 2000 and higher as this determines the power of the air and

results in a faster drying time without your hair being exposed to

unnecessary excessive heat and damage.


Ionic and Tourmaline

It is a feature that gives your hair a smooth sleek finish due to the negative ions that soak up the

water before it settles into your hair preventing frizz.


Ceramic  coating

This simply means that the heating elements of the hairdryer are ceramic coated

allowing the air to be pushed at an evened out temperature making the heat less destructive.

Infrared coating

Infrared uses the same principle as the ceramic except that it dissolves into your

strands and dries it inside out.

Both Ceramic and Infrared coated hairdryers provides an added ionic benefit.


Remember never skip on a cold shot button feature and a diffuser.

Use your cold shot button to cool down your hair locking in shine

and to hold and set your style in place.

The diffuser should be all ‘curly hair girls’ best friend. Use it to your advantage to keep your curls

smooth, frizz free and glossy.


What was my final choice ?

My fine wavy hair definitely needed boosted volume so after much back and forth I settled for the

Limited Edition BaByliss Brushing Volume set and I am truly loving it!


Thank you Team Clicks Seadoone – Melanie, Lindani & Thula

Sorry guys, for driving you crazy. I know I did:)))

Excellent Customer Service!







Mumtaz Khan


  1. Great, thanks, Mumtaz! Very informative, always wondered about the hairdryers and how to choose the right one for my hair, now I know? Thanks again, Mumtaz? your blog is wonderful and uplifting ?

  2. Since I have had a Brazillian to help calm my hair I have been able to grow it much longer and it is in much better condition due to going to bed with coconut oil on my hair and leaving it over night, looks a bit wet look but it most certainly help grow your hair and keep it in good condition

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