Cakey Makeup banished

Cakey makeup

Today I decided to give this topic a little of my insight

with the hope that we all can improve and benefit the way our makeup looks.


Hey there Fabulous…

Cakey makeup

Yesss, I am a huge fan of minimal makeup but there are

times when I just love to get made up.

Here I go again, time to admit:( …I have had my fair share of cakey makeup days.

Trust me, those are the days I really wish I had a memory block about because they still haunt me.


Cakey makeup is so not fashionable.

It can actually highlight your negatives instead of serving the purpose

of enhancing your positives.

Preventing cakey makeup has alot to do with the steps prior to application.

Getting just a few simple tweeks and techniques wrong can also unknowingly

give off an impression of cakey makeup.


So here goes my take on how to avoid those scary episodes:)))


Prep is always Priority

I say this time and time again, prepping your skin is so crucial.

It is the ”foundation” for your foundation.

This may sound harsh but my belief is that if you skip this step then

you rather not wear makeup that day as the result is definitely

not going to bring out your best.

Dead skin cells are never a pretty sight. They very easily cling to product causing

your makeup to look uneven and blotchy.

So, make sure your cleansing and exfoliation routine is on point so

that all those dead dry flakes are removed before you apply your makeup.


Get a professional skincare consult done

You may not understand the power of this but it can be the make

or break of any makeup application. No matter what your age, you really need to know.

Have you ever known someone to wear the same makeup products as you

but it somehow looks flawless on them and a hot mess on you?

My hands go straight up for this until I understood it.

There are numerous makeup products available but knowing what will

work for you and help your makeup look better differs from person to person.

A professional will be able to do tests on your skin and guide you in the right direction.

Sample Tests

Getting the undertone of your makeup right plays a big role in avoiding cakey makeup.

It can very easily create the illusion of a heavy “ashy floating head” especially

if it does not blend in with the tone of your neck.

Wearing very little of the wrong tone can be just as bad as piling on the right one incorrectly.

So, visit beauty counters and get as many samples as you can.

It is very rare that they are unable to assist you with samples.

Remember, makeup under the beauty counter lights and makeup under

natural light can look worlds apart.


Trials and errors

The basis of your makeup is your foundation and this is where all the cakey makeup starts happening.

If you get your foundation wrong then everything else that follows does not look as good

as what it should have been looking like.

So, do as many trials that you possibly can do with your foundations.

This should be based on your foundation textures, tones and even

the type of effect you want your foundation to give off.


This is what I do…

Use the days before a big event as your trial and error time.

Ask a close friend for their opinion on the positives and negatives

on the way your makeup turned out (seriously..I do this)

Make all your mistakes prior to the main day so that you get your flawless finish.



Do a makeup class suited for your daily routine

Ladies, this is not learning how to put on a whole load of makeup on your face.

This class should be streamlined for YOUR everyday based on your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Once you have mastered this, I promise, you will be able to pull off any wedding or event look.

This is all due to the fact that you have got the basic rules of what works for you right.


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Mumtaz Khan

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