Ta-Daa....Step into my world! My name is Mumtaz Khan

I am a Professional Image Consultant, Accountant and Corporate Career Coach. I stand for everything that is classy, fun and fabulous. I am high on celebrating life. I believe you create your own happiness and that it is a state of mind that results in you being happy or sad, fresh and vibrant or just someone with a low self esteem. Being comfortable and content in your own skin is always the best starting point to a better YOU in any aspect of your life.

As an Image Consultant my strengths are to enable you to express and embrace your individuality, understand and own your look, exude confidence, build a versatile wardrobe, understand how to fit clothes to your body shape, enhance your individual image and be 100% sure you are in control of who you are.

After qualifying as an Accountant, I ventured towards my passion for the creative arts. I did my training as a TV presenter during which I received mentoring from SABC presenters. I thereafter went on to pursue my flair for self development and qualified as an Image Consultant. I have over 15years of experience in finance, recruitment and leadership. My comprehensive 10year Image & Development Portfolio has enabled me to empower women with expert advice to understanding their unique style and personality needs as well as assisting professionals identify their positives in building a satisfying career path.

My Professional qualifications together with my vast experience not only from judging beauty contests, or being guest speaker at various Presentations, Conferences or Workshops but ALSO from helping women in their ordinary day to day journey of life to becoming extraordinary women 'inside out" has definitely prepared me to equip you with the relevant knowledge and tools to be the best at what you make yourself to be!

Get ready to take your personal development forward to the next level!




I am obsessed with clean healthy skin as I believe no amount of makeup can hide bad skin.  My Rule – Makeup only looks good with the right “foundation”

I love anything chocolate especially homemade chocolate cake.

Red velvet cupcakes and banana pancakes are also priority must haves. My favorite combo topping that always works for me is peanut butter and banana. I just love, love it.

Apart from empowering people, I am in love with all things natural and organic, most of which I enjoy mixing up myself. I am also crazy about all shades of green, beautiful smells, be it food or fragrances, bright lipsticks and throwing tropical themed parties.

Pretty sceneries give me a warm fuzzy feeling, the sound of the ocean makes me want to dance and fridays...well, if only I could hug and kiss it:::)))  My best day ever!

I am situated in the southern suburbs of Kwazulu Natal.

Please feel free to contact me at mumtaz@glossm.co.za