Guys, Slim Fit Matters!

Men, upgrade your look just by avoiding this mistake…

Ok, so the “Slim fit” for men has been around for a while now and it is really great to see guys taking interest in different cuts and styles when making these clothing choices…

However, slim fit literally means that your shirt or pants should look more fitted or tailored and not look like you are struggling to breathe every time you move.




Try the – Seated Approach

The next time you go shopping for slim fit pants or jeans take a seat and try grabbing the fabric around your thighs, if there is no fabric to grab onto then your pants is just too tight for you.

Another simple test – Index it

When choosing slim fit shirts, If you are able to slide your index finger between your wrist and your shirt cuff then you are good to go, otherwise it is a big no no!


Mumtaz Khan

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