SPRING into shoes – Lace up these trends

spring into shoes

SPRING into shoes Now that we have taken care of our feet, we can shop the spring shoe trends smart and with ease. Sandals and pretty toes are always the best combo and what better time to show them off than now.   Spring spells fun and fresh so lets take the opportunity to splash out and play around with these trends.   Hey there Fabulous… SPRING into shoes I am so loving the shoe trends this season. There is actually something to… Continue Reading

Feet in focus, before you shoe shop

feet in focus

Feet in Focus Our feet literally carries our entire body weight keeping our posture upright and in balance. However, we somehow tend to ignore this deliberately . One of the major reasons is just so that we can accommodate our fixation for shoes. So today I decided to shift focus onto your feet before you go out on another shoe shopping spree.   Hey there Fabulous… Feet in focus There is something oh so magical about women and a pair of stilettos. It effortlessly… Continue Reading

No Makeup look – let your natural beauty shine through

no makeup look

No Makeup look The trend is high where everyone is rushing off to buy makeup products that creates a no makeup look highlighting a natural but still flawless canvas. And I am no different as we all love a glowing fresh face.   Hey there Fabulous… No Makeup look So, don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that the beauty industry throws out these gorgeous products that makes our skin look and feel dreamy and airbrushed. However, I am one of those… Continue Reading

Slip into Spring – Your Spring trends made exciting

slip into spring

Slip into Spring Out of the Cold and in with the Bold, your Spring trends made exciting… Hey there Fabulous! Slip into Spring Yess, it is finally here, the powerful burst of beauty and grace. No wonder Spring is called the queen of seasons. I don’t know about you but I am one of those who love dressing according to my mood and Spring allows me to do just that! I love it because it is neither hot nor cold. The… Continue Reading

Transform your skin – Healthy skincare detox

transform your skin

Transform your skin But this time, WITHOUT skincare products… So, you follow a religious skincare routine and use the best of products but still feel that your skin health is not up to scratch. Well, you could be blundering the basics! Make the change today…   Transform your skin These are easy effective solutions, you just need to pay attention and get the technique and timing right…   Most of you know by now that even though I have far from perfect skin I am continuously striving to… Continue Reading

Frizz Free Healthy Hair – Your Hairdryer days made simple

frizz free healthy hair

Frizz free healthy hair I recently went into panic mode when my hairdryer gave up on me in the midst of me drying my hair. I always have a backup one kept for days like these but this time around I did not have the slightest clue where I had ‘safely’ packed it as I recently moved house. This episode lead to a frantic shopping spree over the next few days as I was in search for my new perfect hairdryer.   Frizz free healthy… Continue Reading

Red irritated skin – Try these tips and be sensitive skin smart

red irritated skin

Red irritated skin, take charge of it today… The struggle with an itchy, irritated red face can really mess up your image efforts.   Red irritated Skin So, Lets Banish those blotchy skin days and say goodbye to sensitive skin.   First of all, get the basics right – focus on a skinCARE routine that works specifically for YOU! Read those skincare & makeup product labels What to look out for? Alcohol, fragrances and artificial additives should be red alert and highlighted on… Continue Reading

Winter Wear Revitalised – Quick tips to upgrade your winter wear

winter wear revitalised

Winter wear revitalised – Do not let your final days of winter wear be beyond boredom. So, we are well into the cold season, the chill is in and is quickly on its’ way out. Layering it up to beat the weathery winter is definitely a way to go however keeping warm fashionably can sometimes along the way drain you out and make you feel like you are running out of options. Winter Wear Revitalised With just a few more days… Continue Reading

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, It’s an experience

rub rub rub shower scrub

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, the days of smooth polished skin are here…yayy:)   Most of all, if it has fresh written all over it then it just has to be a fab favourite for me.   Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub has definitely found a cosy spot in my heart So, what am I going on about? Well, I recently visited the Lush store at the Gateway Shopping Mall and before everything else, I must admit that every time I visit that store I enjoy the… Continue Reading

Wide Awake effect – Simple ways to accentuate small eyes

wide awake effect

Wide Awake effect – Avoid looking older than what you actually are… Having small eyes can really make you look tired and sleepy even though you feel bright as a rainbow, And if you think eye makeup will help, Well, do it incorrectly and risk looking drastically older. Try these simple ways to accentuate your small eyes and look wide awake, youthful and energised. Trust me, It is easy yet very effective.   Wide Awake Effect Lets get started to younger looking eyes… Continue Reading