Posh in Polka Dots

posh in polka dots

Posh in Polka Dots   Polka dots have never been more trendy than right now. Pick one and you have a spring statement piece in your closet.   Hey there Fabulous…   Posh in Polka Dots I get endless questions on how to wear polka dots and I always say, all you need to do is pair them right and you will be on point a trendsetter. The trick is to get it to look stylish instead of cartoony:)))   So, these… Continue Reading

Go with the Flow

Go with the flow

Go with the Flow Curvy women… some of us love our curves whilst some us have just a bit too much of it. I should know as I am one of them:) Well, whatever it is, we should all just embrace it!   Hey there Fabulous… Go with the flow Being a curvy woman can sometimes make clothing choices quite difficult. We don’t want to hide our curves but we also don’t want to emphasize the wrong areas. For me, my hips have always… Continue Reading

Jeans Cuts Curves

Jeans cuts curves

Jeans Cuts Curves We all know too well how difficult it is finding that perfect pair of Jeans. Then we have the additional drama of it either “holding” in all the wrong places and falling apart where it should not. Seriously, shopping for jeans can be the height of frustration!   Hey there Fabulous… Jeans Cuts Curves Jeans are such versatile pieces and can be a staple for most of us. So, thankfully stores these days have a much bigger range to select from for… Continue Reading

Makeover Move, Lets’ do this together

makeover move

Makeover Move Last year Gloss M’ Wishing Wonders for Women Campaign was a huge success, and we know that this year is going to be bigger and better with our Makeover Move.   Hey there Fabulous… Makeover Move One of our initiatives this year is a makeover move. A move to empowerment. A move to extraodinary women being celebrated and recognised. This is a small gesture from us and it is being done the GlossM’way! We are really excited so join us on this journey… Continue Reading

SPRING into shoes – Lace up these trends

spring into shoes

SPRING into shoes Now that we have taken care of our feet, we can shop the spring shoe trends smart and with ease. Sandals and pretty toes are always the best combo and what better time to show them off than now.   Spring spells fun and fresh so lets take the opportunity to splash out and play around with these trends.   Hey there Fabulous… SPRING into shoes I am so loving the shoe trends this season. There is actually something to… Continue Reading

Feet in focus, before you shoe shop

feet in focus

Feet in Focus Our feet literally carries our entire body weight keeping our posture upright and in balance. However, we somehow tend to ignore this deliberately . One of the major reasons is just so that we can accommodate our fixation for shoes. So today I decided to shift focus onto your feet before you go out on another shoe shopping spree.   Hey there Fabulous… Feet in focus There is something oh so magical about women and a pair of stilettos. It effortlessly… Continue Reading

No Makeup look – let your natural beauty shine through

no makeup look

No Makeup look The trend is high where everyone is rushing off to buy makeup products that creates a no makeup look highlighting a natural but still flawless canvas. And I am no different as we all love a glowing fresh face.   Hey there Fabulous… No Makeup look So, don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that the beauty industry throws out these gorgeous products that makes our skin look and feel dreamy and airbrushed. However, I am one of those… Continue Reading

Slip into Spring – Your Spring trends made exciting

slip into spring

Slip into Spring Out of the Cold and in with the Bold, your Spring trends made exciting… Hey there Fabulous! Slip into Spring Yess, it is finally here, the powerful burst of beauty and grace. No wonder Spring is called the queen of seasons. I don’t know about you but I am one of those who love dressing according to my mood and Spring allows me to do just that! I love it because it is neither hot nor cold. The… Continue Reading